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  • Company profile

    About SHANGHO


    Company profile

    Zhengzhou Shangho Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd with geography superior location and convenient transportation is located in Jianshe South Road, Zhongmu County, Henan (Automotive Industry Park) , 35 KM from Zhengzhou City to the west, 30 KM from Kaifeng City to the east, 18 KM from Lianhuo highway to the north, 3.5 KM from ZhengMin highway to the south, 30 minutes drive to Xinzheng airport and 40 minutes drive to Zhengzhou high-railway station.

    Zhengzhou Shangho Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd was founded in 2006. It is a limited company with foreign invest-ment (Sino foreign joint venture). Wire Harness & Switch are the main products. The registered capital is $3.73 million.There are nearly 200 staff in the company of more than 20 thousand square meters, with the capacity to product the whole vehicle harness of 25000 units per month and the annual value of 300 million RMB. Zhengzhou Shangho mainly supply wire harness for host plants such as Zhengzhou Nissan, saic-iveco Hongyan, Dongfeng Automobile, Dongfeng Nissan, Calsonic Kansei , Wuzheng Group and other OEM customers at present.

    Following  the management concept  of "to enhance professional knowledge, excellent quality, competitive price,punctual delivery, customer service. Enhance the family harmony, good social responsibility." And the management princi-ple of "actively cultivate talents, enhance the technical level; continuous improvement, pursuit of perfect quality; break-through products, into the international market; to create a reasonable profit, for the benefit of employees in village",Zhengzhou Shangho has had technical personnel with synchronous development ability, the domestic and foreignadvanced equipment used for automotive wiring harness research & development , automated production and testing,and constantly inject new vitality into the enterprise to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises relying on scientific andpatent innovation after 10 years of development.

    The company passed a series of the quality system certifications such as "TS 16949", "14001 ISO" ," Nissan  ASES,"and "Ford Q1 Quality Award", and has been awarded the "excellent supplier", "quality award", "excellent logistics" and other awards from the customers.Adhering to the quality policy "all staff participation in to guarantee 100% quality ", Zhengzhou Shangho will do

    whatever it takes to create the domestic well-known brands of auto Denso / harness and become China's leading suppli-er of auto parts. Welcome!

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